Gap Year Preparation

Who is Eligible for Financial Aid?

Anyone facing spiritual, emotional, or financial need.

Financial Need

The unexpected loss of a job or income shouldn't hold a family back from a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Life Events

Find hope again after a traumatic event—such as a health crisis or the loss of a loved one.

At-Risk Youth

The right influence, in the right place, at the right time, can make all the difference.

Military Service

Military families receive a 50% discount to rest and enjoy all that Camp Eagle has to offer. Military Discount varies for Gap Year program

Making Room for Everyone

Our aim is to give everyone who wants to take part in the Camp Eagle experience, the opportunity to do just that.

Individuals & Families

Camp Eagle offers need-based financial assistance to individuals and families for most of our camps and retreats, including wilderness adventures. Thanks to our generous donors, those who qualify can receive all, or part, of their tuition covered by our program.

City Camp Tuition Matching

Camp Eagle offers a tuition-matching program for churches, schools, and groups participating in our City Camp program. Qualifying organizations receive FREE tuition for up to 10% of the number of campers they sign up if they are willing to provide an equal number of FREE tuitions that they themselves underwrite.

This program is available only for City Camp participants.

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