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Deep. Lasting. And rooted in Jesus Christ.

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Spiritual Growth

Enter into a season of trusting and growing in the Lord.

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Resume Building Skills

Summer Staff work in a variety of fields, giving you the opportunity to put together a great resume for finding your post-summer job.

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Beautiful Location

Work and play in the Texas Hill Country, surrounded by caliche cliff-faces, and on the banks of the Nueces River.

Summer on Your Terms

1 Summer 3 Terms - Commit to one or all!

Term One: May 29-June 25

Term Two: June 24-July 16

Term Three: July 15-August 8

Full Summer: All Three Terms

*Ropes, admin, med staff, international staff & wilderness guides work the full summer

2 Weeks of Training - Commit to one!

Option One: May 11-19 (Lifeguard Training May 21-24)

Option Two: May 21-29 (Lifeguard Training May 16-19)

Community Events

Staff dinners (aka Fun Yums), time spent with full-time staff and their families, discipleship opportunities, and the occasional zip tower campout. There are many ways to come together and bond as staff who are all here to share the Gospel with Camp Eagle campers.

Food and Lodging

Camp Eagle Summer Staff live in dorm-style lodging throughout the summer. Lodging may differ depending on the department you are working with. For example, our Wilderness Guides spend some nights at campsites during trail/river trips.

All of our Summer Staff get to enjoy meals provided to them by our amazing kitchen staff throughout the summer. Gluten-free diets are accommodated.


1:1 mentorship is offered to all of our Summer Staff. On-site, weekly church services are also provided to help meet the spiritual needs of our Summer Staff.



Group projects don't stop after college. Show a hiring manager you have experience collaborating and working with different people to achieve a common goal. From facilitating activities, to navigating obstacles, to managing to get dozens of exciting pre-teens to calm down before bed, the skills you practice at camp will reflect how you work within a team.


Diving deep into God's word and climbing (literally!) huge mountains are just two examples of daily camp adventures that require perseverance and discipline. Choosing a summer at Camp Eagle shows employers you have the mental toughness to not only start adventures - physical, emotional, and spiritual - but to finish them too.


Leading and mentoring young campers by guiding them through meaningful experiences is a large and important part of being a camp counselor. Employers want tot know you have the experience and ability to lead a team. There will be times in your career when someone will need to step up and take the lead on a project, and your employer will know they can count on you.

Social skills

One of the most exciting parts of camp (and one of Camp Eagle's missions) is to help build authentic relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ from all walks of life. Working at Camp Eagle indicates you have both experience and success using social skills that will translate well in any workplace environment.


No matter the time of the day, being a staffer at Camp Eagle means you have had daily practice communicating effectively to co-workers, campers, and parents alike. Along with increased social skills, being an effective communicator is another strength employers look for in a candidate. Through problem-solving tasks and group activities as a staffer, you've developed the confidence you need to communicate in any future setting.


During most summer camp activities, you and your team are working towards a common goal. You all have one objective in mind, but that doesn't mean that everyone is equally motivated. When you show your employer that you're a goal oriented self-starter, you're showing them that you do not need constant supervision or hand-holding through any process. Employers want someone who is independent and isn't a drain on the resources of the team.

Quick Learner

At camp, no two adventures are ever the same. You're either learning new skills, developing more efficient processes, or incorporating prior knowledge into new settings. Showing employers that you embrace learning fresh concepts and applying them gives confidence you'll be a productive and efficient addition to their team.


What happens when that sunny day suddenly turns dark and rainy? Or when you have to make cleaning up all of a sudden look super fun? You take it head on, think outside the box, get out of your comfort zone, and adapt! Potential employers are always on the lookout for someone who can take on any task that comes their way, and after a summer at Camp Eagle, you've got it covered!


A summer at Camp Eagle is inspiring and fun with never a dull moment. But that's not to say the work won't challenge you! Bouncing back from disappointments, while also learning how to take constructive feedback in stride, builds resilience. This skill will, hands-down, make you a valuable front runner for any place of employment.

Problem Solver

Future employers like hiring people who are active problem solvers. Whether it's working with a team or dealing with the frustration of not getting something right on the first try, the dedication it takes to solve a problem without support or supervision from others shows your resourcefulness and makes you a great candidate.

Ropes/Activities Staff

Ropes/Activities Staff

Wilderness Guides

Wilderness Guides

Summer Camp Counselors

Summer Camp Counselors

Group Camp Counselor

Group Camp Counselor

Junior Counselors

Junior Counselors

Worship Leaders

Worship Leaders

Medical Staff

Medical Staff

International Summer Staff

International Summer Staff

Digital Media

Digital Media



Food Services

Food Services



Office Assistants

Office Assistants

Building & Grounds

Building & Grounds

Summer Staff on Social Media

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Summer Staff Positions

Camp Counselors

Summer Camp Counselors

At Summer Camp, 1st through 12th-grade campers come for one or two weeks of adventure camp. Staff will be partnered with same-gender partners. They stay in the cabins with campers and lead them in Bible study and adventure activities, many unique to Summer Camp, such as mountain biking, shooting sports, and more.

Group Camp Counselors

On the Group Camp campus, each week, co-ed partners lead 20-25 junior high and high school students through purposeful and pre-planned experiences using incredible adventure activities at Camp Eagle while displaying to students the love of Christ. Guide campers all hours of the day, building relationships and leading activities that will provide opportunities for scripture to come to life. Group Camp counselors room with other Summer Staff in provided housing, unless they are needed to supervise guests.

Jr. Counselors

Junior Counselors work right alongside the Counselors in our Summer Camp Program! They will work with our 1st through 6th-grade campers and will be partnered with same-gender co-pairings as they stay in the cabins with campers and lead them in adventure activities, many unique to Summer Camp such as Mountain Biking, shooting sports, and more.

Wilderness Guides

Wilderness Guides are in charge of a camper’s entire trip and spiritual development within the wilderness. Guides learn to be proficient in backpacking as well as camp activities, first aid, risk management, and group facilitation. Guides participate in every part of the wilderness program; when not with campers they’ll cook meals, make camp a better place, set-up activities, and generally whatever it takes to make the wilderness program run.

International Summer Staff

Spend the summer in the Texas Hill Country! International college-age students can find roles as summer staff counselors, activities staff, kitchen staff, and so much more. We've partnered with IENA to assist our international summer staff through the visa process to make the journey to Camp Eagle as smooth as possible. Join us for a summer full of adventure, new friendships, and deep discipleship.

Ropes/Activities Staff

A geographically-diverse position with the main responsibility to set-up, tear-down, and belay adventure activities. Enjoy the flexibility of working with various activities while ministering to students during peak learning opportunities. Must be willing to serve with a grateful heart and provide our guests with the support to conquer big activities.

Medical Staff

Assist camp-wide health needs for all guests and campers. Necessary characteristics include organized, detailed, assertive, and self-motivated. Confident in medical skills and ability to stay calm and in control in all situations. Nurses should be ministry and servant-minded.

Worship Leaders

Multi-talented people with vocal, guitar (acoustic, electric, bass), percussion (full set and hand-drums) experience. Partake in prayerful planning of sets appropriate for staff, campers and youth pastors from all denominations. Lead in singing in a pavilion setting and on-location throughout camp. Locations include: Amphitheater, the Waterfalls, the Lumberjack, the Cross, the Altar, the Windmill, the Luau Site, and campsites. Each set will have a unique flare—upbeat and loud, intimate and soft.

Retail Staff

Assist in the operation of The Nest, our on-campus coffee shop and store. Prepare for our guests by servicing and cleaning our camp store and coffee shop. Use your talents to help Camp Eagle run smoothly all summer long. Must be willing to serve with a grateful heart and provide our guests with exceptional customer service.

Food Services

The cook is responsible for making sure every meal is served hot and on time. Must have a love for kitchen ministry and be eager to take initiative. Manage the entire kitchen throughout the summer including many on-location themed meals.

Digital Media

Videographers and photographers with editing skills are needed for this position to capture the daily adventures of campers on film and create highlight films each session.


Prepare for our guests by servicing and cleaning hotel and dorm rooms and other living/service areas. Use your talents to help Camp Eagle run smoothly all summer long. Must be willing to serve with a grateful heart and provide our guests with exceptional customer service.

Office Assistant

Work behind the scenes with a Program Director to assist in everyday office tasks, that help Summer to run smoothly and to optimize the guest experience. This position doubles as a valuable internship for anyone with a business major and is also a great resume builder. Must enjoy taking initiative and working in the office the majority of the time. Some experience in business is preferred, but not required.


Applicants should be able to work well both alone and with others. Expect long days. Have fun and enjoy a sense of accomplishment while doing hard work. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Facility upkeep
  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance
  • Special projects as they arise

Summer Staff Positions
why work at camp eagle

why work at camp eagle

Working at Camp Eagle means a season of creating deep friendships, growing in your relationship with Christ, and jumping into big adventures. From the top of cliffs, to the clear waters of the Nueces River there are endless possibilities for adventure, authentic relationships, and sharing Biblical truth with our campers. Do big things and help our campers have the adventure of a lifetime as you explore God's word together. It's nothing short of ministry work. Up front and center and behind the scenes, there are all kinds of ways to inspire Christ-like change.

Summer Staff FAQs

What is the dress code?

All Camp Eagle employees are expected to maintain personal dress and appearance appropriate for their work position. Please use your best judgment, and dress in a manner that would not be offensive or cause others to stumble. Failure to dress appropriately may be addressed by the employee’s supervisor. 

You’ll be in a harness for a good part of most days and one of the most uncomfortable things are short shorts, harnesses, and chafing. For example, the best harness shorts have around a 5-inch inseam.

Good shoes for hiking and walking every day: Chacos, Tevas, Bedrocks, and Tennis Shoes are a couple of examples.

Girls, one-piece swimsuits (or tankinis that provide full cover), and shorts that aren’t too short are required for all water activities.

Guys, keep your shirt on as much as possible unless you’re in the water. 

Wearing your Camp Eagle wristband is required at all times.

Is there cell service or wifi?

Out at camp, we do not have cell coverage and rely on wifi for communication. During the summer, wifi is limited for seasonal staff but available during off time.

A landline phone is available and accessible 24/7.

What kind of food is available?

All meals are provided with the summer staff salary and are served family-style. This includes both when campers are on property and on off-days. Coffee is made in the morning (of course), along with a cereal bar and fruit. A salad bar is available for both lunch and dinner. Some gluten and dairy-free options are also available. If you have certain dietary needs that are outside the ones listed above then please reach out to us!

Where will I live?

The majority of our summer staff will be living in our dorm-style lodging in the middle of main camp. This 2-story lodging space is gender-specific per floor, with 5 bunk beds per room. There is a shared, community bathroom per floor. Lastly, there is a large meeting space for meetings or hangouts!

Note that Summer Camp Counselors live in cabins or yurts. They share cabin/yurt space with campers during sessions. There is a barn with a hangout space and kitchen for our summer staff.

Wilderness Guides live at our Eagle Quest campus in screen shelters and spend nights out in a wilderness environment with our adventure trip guests. Wilderness Guides also have a hunting style lodge we named, Mi Casa, for hanging out and cooking meals.

What about laundry?

Camp will provide washers and dryers which are located close to the seasonal staff summer housing area.

Please bring your own laundry detergent, dry sheets, and laundry baskets!

What does off-time look like?

Off time is a mixture of structured and unstructured free time, including camp-hosted events, spontaneous adventures, and town days. We aim to give at least 24 hours off per week to summer staff. There may also be certain weeks during the summer that will allow up to 48 hours off.

Please note that off time varies depending on the programming area you are working in. For example, Wilderness Guides are out on trips 7 days at a time and have their off-days after returning back from a trip. Summer Camp and Group Camp staff follow different programming schedules and will often times have different off-days.

Summer Staff FAQs

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Michaela Easley

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